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Putting Humor to Work Book

You Can't Be Serious
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Putting Humour to Work

by Michael Kerr

Get inspired! Get motivated! Get laughing!

You Can’t Be Serious! provides a compelling argument for taking humour, laughter and play more seriously in our workplaces. This 222-page book offers more than 200 ideas on how you can add humour to your workplace and includes dozens of examples of business that put humour to work.

You’ll learn why laughter truly is the best medicine when it comes to creating less stressful, healthier, more creative and more productive workplaces. You’ll discover simple ways to motivate yourself and your colleagues, learn why “HA +HA = AHA!”, and discover how to practice “safe” humour at work without getting fired! You’ll also learn why laughter is so healthy for us, how a sense of humour can help make the office commute more bearable, how humour can help workplaces manage change, why a sense of humour can create truly inspiring customer service experiences, how to lead with laughter, and why a team that laughs together, stays together.

The book features fun examples, hilarious quotes and jokes, inspiring words of wisdom, wacky cartoons and yes, even a few Dilbert cartoons thrown into the mix—so it’s not only a valuable workplace resource, it’s also darn fun to read!

Click Here to read the introduction to You Can’t Be Serious! Putting Humour to Work

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Putting Humour in its Place
Chapter 2: Why Humour is Such a Powerful Stress Buster
Chapter 3: Putting Humour to Work Against Stress
Chapter 4: The Office Commute – May the Farce Be With You!
Chapter 5: Laughing in the Face of Change
Chapter 6: Humour as a Catalyst for Creativity
Chapter 7: Motivating The Troops Through Laughter
Chapter 8: Laughing Your Way to Better Customer Service
Chapter 9: We’ve Got to Stop Meeting Like This!
Chapter 10: Speaking of Humour (Adding Humour to Presentations)
Chapter 11: Humour Blocks – What Stops Our Sense of Humour?
Chapter 12: Practicing Safe Humour (Having Fun Without Getting Fired!)
Chapter 13: Guiding Lights for Adding Humour to the Workplace
Chapter 14: 201 Ways to Put Humour to Work

Appendix: Tapping Into Some Humour Resources

You Can’t Be Serious! Putting Humour to Work makes a prefect addition to your office library, a fun gift for clients, or a great way to say “thanks” to the troops for a job well done. Send an e-mail to info@mikekerr.com for details on discount pricing for bulk orders!

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