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When Do You Let The Animals Out?

A Field Guide to Rocky Mountain Humour

When Do You Let the Animals Out?
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When Do You Let the Animals Out? is in its 6th printing (or is it the 7th or 8th –we’re losing track now!). This wildly popular, bestselling book is a must-have for anyone who wants to call themselves a Canadian, or for anyone who wants to say they visited Canada, or for anyone who still has a pulse.

“A laugh-a-minute read!” Fast Forward Magazine, Calgary

“The funniest book I’ve read in a long, long time!” 66 CFR Radio, Calgary

“The ideal gift . . . easy to read, full of sharp-witted and good natured comments.” The Wildlife Newspaper, Banff

“A hilarious collection of anecdotes from a park ranger of some of the truly absurd questions tourists ask. Some of them are so inane and crazy that you’ll wonder if they’re true. Shows just how stupid some of us are when we go on holidays. It will also remind many booksellers of the insane questions we get all year round. Booksellers aren’t the only people who get asked weird questions. The question is who’s gonna write a book about us?” Simone, Calgary Chapters on-line review

When Do You Let the Animals Out? includes more than 500 silly park visitor questions, funny bear, elk and yes, even duck stories, weird tales from the trails, fun quizzes, strange place names, a hysterical look at Rockies history, dozens of wacky photos and assorted odds ’n sods too numerous to list.

This little gem makes the perfect stocking stuffer, birthday present, travel book (it’s small, light-weight and bright yellow so you won’t lose it) or heck, a present for yourself because, darn it, you deserve it (I’m not sure about this one, but I’ll take your word for it).

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